10.04.05 J.D Ingram
DSL Productions are back once more to start the recording of London based singer/songwriter J.D Ingrams debut album. Some cool toe tappin pop/rock songs with a nice twist.

Click here to checkout songs

DSL Productions website

03.03.05 Shiloh
One of Coventry's high profile artists Shiloh who has worked with the worlds top level such as:
NENEH CHERRY, KEITH LE BLANC, SKIP McDONALD, BANDON BLOCK, ALEX P,JULIET ROBRTS, DEBBIE HARRY, RONNIE SCOTT, JOCELYN BROWN CARLEEN ANDERSON, DAVE PEARCE, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, GIL SCOT HERON to name a few and has recently released with Cafe Del Mar - 44 original tracks, exclusively composed for Cafe del Mar - 25th Anniversary
He is now busy in the studio creating, developing a new round of sounds - Get ready!
check out "The Gift" download here

Cafe Del Mar website:


02.01.05 RDB

Canadian born Producer RDB have been tearing up the studio mixing tracks for their forth coming album. They've been working with the UK's finest Asian musicians and vocalists delivering a freight train of Bhangra/Drum'n'bass on the the mighty Untouchables label check em here:


01.07.05 Tsunami Appeal

Singer songwriter Rob Halligan and artists from Coventry have been busy in the studio recording one of his songs off his album 'Dancing with Seagulls'. It's an almighty task which is gaining support fast from other local industry and is set to hit all known record shops within the next couple of weeks. J10 has donated 5 days recording, production for this and will continue supporting the tsunami appeal.


Now you can book your friends and loved ones for Christmas or treat yourself to record a special song on to CD in a relaxed, friendly and professional atmosphere. So, if you dad thinks he's Frank Sinatra, your mum Madonna or your son or daughter the next Pop Ideal then this is your chance to give them a perfect gift they can treasure and keep. Click here for vouchers and more info


Throughout December and January we're having a music quiz comp running. This will give you the chance to win a FREE recording session at J10 studios using our latest DAW system. Click here to enter

01.11.04 AVENUE

Have been in to record a new 3 track demo at J10 and are in Production ready to release in 2005. New recording techniques have been used and a real attempt to push the songs to new limits things are well on course for these guys.
Check the website:

25.10.04 OFF LICENSE

The time is good for these guys to drop some heavy new production and that’s just what’s happing for Off Licence. Recording with top Asian vocalists alongside Lex Eye/Pro-J making this Coventry’s finest new urban flava in the Midlands. Go check em out.


New acoustic/folk/singer songwriter Lewis Garland has been in J10 studios recording for his new forth coming EP out 2005. He’s been working alongside Olivia backing on some of the songs also talk on the Niz boys helping out on a groove or two – this will be heavy when it drops so get your hands on it..


03.10.04 THE SENSES

Have just finished recording their new demo at Truck studios, mastered at J10 Studios. Potential creative calibration is going down between the senses and Nizlopi early in 2005, watch this space! The band was formed in the summer of 2002 by schoolmates Brian (Guitar), Finny (Vox) and Ronan (Bass). They had been playing together for a few years before deciding to form The Senses. To complete the band they wanted to expand the line up. Dom (Drums) was next to join. He responded to an advert the band had put in the local paper. A few potential drummers turned up for auditions and Dom was the first to audition-within 15 minutes the other drummers were sent home and Dom had the job.
Check the website here:


15.10.04 COV Gaudbodyz

Ran a video shoot at J10 studios featuring Paul Johnson (studio owner/producer) for their forth-coming release on MTV base and channel U. The COV Gaudbodyz are getting some good press including a write up in the current issue of RAGO magazine be sure to get a copy of the magazine, it is a free publication a must for all Hip Hop heads. City Of Villanz feature on a new compilation album "Urban Fusion" which is available on Universal Records from 2005.
Check out their website with top chunes to download:


And an interview with UK Runnings:


15.09.04 INTERLOPER – Warwick University Battle Of The Bands Winners 2004

J10 Studios one of the main sponsors for Battle Of the Bands gave out free recording and production to the winners ‘Interloper’ who won hands down and has now become one hell of a musical force.
‘It's always difficult to explain the history and purpose of a band without sounding either ordinary or pretentious. Interloper formed out of necessity, in order to enter the Band-soc Battle of the Bands at Warwick University three weeks later. Because of this, we had to develop rapidly and practice intensely to avoid imminent embarrassment. Our first live appearance was in the heats for this competition, which we were stunned to win, more so when we won the final a couple of weeks later. Encouraged by this positive reaction, we all decided to continue writing and playing together’. Interloper 2004
Check out there website:



The studio is about to go live and direct through our new web cam allowing all to view the studio 24/7, lookout for the new page directing you to the web cam!


Return to record and produce a new debut album released through Rocket man Productions in early September 2004, they're also appearing on Kerrang Radio Breakfast show on 3rd September to play acoustic versions of the forthcoming Album so tune in kids..


The Studio has gone through some major upgrades this month with the addition of 4 brand spanking new Valve Preamps, this means in the recording process we now have 5 valves on drums going to tape alongside that we also have a new range of Beta SM57a series microphones for capturing drums/instruments etc and works great on the bottom snare skin for double mic configurations.

20.07.04 THE NEW MAN!

J10 is getting stronger and the workflow doesn’t seem to be slowing down, due to this we now have recruited a new sound engineer Steve Clarke who has just completed a 1st grade honours degree in sound production at Thames Valley University. He has settled in really well and has become part of the furniture within a matter of weeks! Photos and mug shot arriving shortly to the gallery..

18.06.04 - NEW COURSES 2004

Check the courses section - New updates for Summer 2004

Learn how to create your own song using our digital production workstation, whatever your style. Understand the equipment and study all the different types of recording from sampling to beat making. Involve yourself with the creative process of developing a song from arrangement skills to mixing and producing.

18.02.04 ® OFF LICENCE

Are made up from the cutting hiphop/Garage scene in Coventry Lex Eye (Phoenix crew) and Pro-jay (Infinite Dark) have teamed up with J5 Producer and Sunny MC creating COV’s first proper East Indian/West Indian hook up! With Hot chunes now being recorded/mixed at J10 we witness yet another Independent outfit crossing over and going all the way.


Reid Zappa Currie and SpotlightKid have returned to J10 to lace a further four songs, this now adds to 10 completed tracks. The Kid plan to release over the summer with a pool of highly crafted songs ready to kick down doors.

10.01.04 ® LINEAR

Embraced the studio with fresh songs and ideas for a new demo. Armed with Holly – new addition on bass adding a whole new dynamic to the outfit. The band have progressed a long way in the last 6 months playing out at many venues around the UK and leaving the fans wanting more! The band recorded 4 songs one of which they’d done previously as an acoustic/unplugged track back in November. Check out the new improved linear website at www.linear.org.uk


When you’ve got relations in the same band you know that special chemistry is going down And Seven Escape have that in the drums and bass department and it’s one tight unit. J10 anticipates a deal on the cards very soon for these guys’ good songs and dynamics with plenty of energy. Go check them out live – songs on the website

05.01.04 ® VARIANCE

Variance claims a stake in today’s youth music culture with rocking riffs and heavy b-lines working collectively on mature songs that delivers energy. Check out there website – songs available to download.


Coventry’s Horace Panter (Original bass player from The Specials) and his new outfit The Semi Automatic Ska Orchestra hit J10 to record new demos for forth coming events and releases. The Semis have the funkiest 6-piece brass section made up from Coventry’s finest players. They came together for a one off performance at last years Coventry’s Jazz Festival for some serious Ska Jazz jammin’ pulled of a storming set - which set a future course of more Festival shows for 2004!

01.01.04 ® J10 COMPILATION CD

We’re now pleased to announce the J10 Compilation CD available for FREE hosting local band talent, come down to the studio and get a copy or email us here. And yes its true Coventry is kicking on the local unsigned scene, this town ain’t no ghost town!

29.12.03 ® THE CIRCLE

Brought a fine blend of melodies with big grooves to boot at J10, recording a new demo. Experimental and in touch with all production techniques required for their own unique recipe The Circle are fresh and believe in themselves enough to have it all, which is most likely to happen very soon, go check em out. www.thecircleonline.com

20.12.03 ® FIORI

Embraced the studio with their unique style of Heavy blues guitars and killer vocals making one of the best local rock bands by far. They are a very tight outfit with mature songs constructed and arranged to a high level. Another great local outfit that holds back for nothing, may they rise to the top! Check out the website…

17.12.03 ® MO FLOPPI

Took temporary residence at J10 Studios to record their long awaited demo. Mo Floppi is a crazy mix of Hiphop-Reggae-Rock and maintains a very COV sound. The band made the most of the remarkably relaxed atmosphere at J10 Studios together with the state of the art and industry standard technology available. Songs are available on the J10 Compilation CD or from the studio


Another quality band from Coventry Scarlet Phere have laced yet another top song at J10 ‘She springs up’. The band is a very dynamic force and ability to take you to another level of consciousness. They play a storming live set and will worth a check!

08.12.03 ®Steve D (Primitives)

Coventry’s own Steve D (Primitives) has been working hard on new songs and recorded six new numbers at J10. Steve plans on more appearances and a release sometime in the New Year!

18.11.03 ®LINEAR

Linear blessed the studio with their acoustic ‘unplugged’ session recording two songs with new addition to band - bassist Holly on 2nd guitar. All songs recorded at J10 are available from the linear website, check it out!

08.11.03 FIREREAL

Burning riffs fired up from today’s youth culture represents the Firereal sound, hard energy hiphop packed with plenty of overdrive making ideal stage-diving music! The band recorded four songs at J10 available to download from the Firereal website.

22.10.03 THE SESSION

Most bands totally understand the complexity of dynamics and layers with composition such acts like The Session. A highly focused band with excellent song writing skills playing soulful grooves. Regulars on the local music circuit in Coventry, one of the hardest working bands around, the session deliver some great songs that differ in style from one to the next (Attenshun).

16.10.03 LIQUIFI

Hot Spanish guitarist Simon Hayden (Radio 4 composer) has teamed up with Gary-B man for some world fusion grooves. Playing a live set at J10. The guys recorded 4 tracks immaculately to tape after performing a top gig down the Tin Angel. They intend to keep playing bars as a duo at the same time hook up with Keys man D-Sharpe and PJ for some world soul dance grooves - getting hot in the studio with world Music flavours - watch this space


If energy has anything to do with it - which in this case it certainly has, Johnny Action finger pack a fine punch of Punk. These guys are very forward thinking in their approach to new skool rock and have grinded a thunderous demo. Check them live you won't be disappointed


22-piece choral group put some serious vocals together in 4 part harmonies, which almost brought the roof off J10 Studios. Wow it was like the Angels had landed on earth. The group are pro-active entering into many national competitions and performing in large halls. Now armed with their 5 songs recorded they are off to the national championships in Harrogate at the end of October.

18.09.03 91+DB

DJ Jammin° has been working round the clock at J10 to bring together turntables and live beats into the lab for testing. 91+DB played out at the Colly to test their blend of scratching and beat shuffling - sampling live beats and playing frenzy! °"The aim to bridge the gap between DJ and musician. Jammin° & PJ are working on final Scratch to carve a new identity of music - coming to a house party near you soon!!


Embraced the studio with their fine choice of legendary tunes and timeless epics. Playing in local bars and the odd festival, Delaney's now have delivered a quality demo, surprised? - You will be!

08.09.03 LINEAR

Straight out of the Coventry Indie Scene Linear put together a new demo at J10 to release across the UK. Well known to the local scene these guys are talented big time with lots of good times to come.

28.07.03 THE SHAKES

Roots rock n roll, plenty of drive and passion these guys are very focused. The band has a great sound with one hell of a talented drummer (only 16) playing to a pro standard - A solid Unit well worth checking out!
Coventry band that have seen turbulent times but looking like their over all that, and ready to do what they do best, play some of the most exciting gigs in Coventry.

05.07.03 - THE PIGEONS

Ska outfit The Pigeons landed an epic demo at J10. Former Boiling Peter Bread front man Dave Cross has joined forces with the band coming in with vocals/guitars/xylophone/ tuba and Hammond organ! Very unusual and diverse band well worth a listen, very Coventry sounding too!

12.07.03 - BRIDGES

Ahead of the game young 3-piece power-core outfit Bridges came into J10 and ripped it up with a tight & focused attitude packed with energy and delivered a brilliant 3-track demo. The boys are still at school studying to become future stars, which J10 Believes will come true!

18.07.03 - FEAR OF SILENCE

Yep there back! FOS has started on a new album at J10. The bands got back together after a 2-year break and will be ready for touring in May when the album comes out April 2004. J10 have been given the task of recording and producing the band and possibly to go out live for showcase events in and around the city this Christmas. More information coming - watch this space!

22.07.03 - STEVE D (The Primitives)

Coventry’s Steve D former guitarist from the Primitives popped in to record an acoustic set for possible release in the autumn. To give the songs as much natural feel and lift Steve used some very interesting techniques to capture the energy to tape. He will be appearing at local venue – Tin Angel – watch out!

24.07.03 - PORNOHOTDOG

The Dogs totally deserve a mention with all that has happened in the last 6-months, they’ve at last found a drummer with plenty of groove and fire. Got a new guitarist in and a date for a warm up gig at the Jailhouse next month. The Dogs are in pre-production preparing themselves to record a new Demo with drummer Ben. J10 believes this is one of Coventry’s finest up and coming bands ready to storm the local scene – you’ve been warned!

27.07.03 - CITY OF VILLINZ

The City of Villainz crew are on full steam ahead working hard this summer with something very special in the pipeline for all you Hip-hoppers. They’ve recently appeared on a new underground UK Hiphop video called “Independent Hype” put together by Ocean from 57th Dynasty http://www.Independenthype.com/ .The boys have been lacing a mix tape at J10 and collaborating with other artists across the city including Phoenix Knights.

31.07.03 - INSIDES

Nuneaton based Punk outfit Insides blasted a energetic 3-track demo to tape sending nostalgic shivers down the back of Paul Johnson engineering and producing the session. It’s good to feel the energy created by 5 angry blokes backing a mission to get out there and play hard! check them out here http://www.wilsonmick.co.uk

06.08.03 - 4th FRONT

Hiphop collective 4th Front has been producing with J10 some fine beats & rhymes for there forthcoming release. They’re planning a limited pressing of Redheads ‘hey love’ featuring none other than Carolinas finest Spectac! All parties involved have been getting busy both sides of the Atlantic...and they hope to have it pressed by next month. More information found on the website http://www.4thfront.com/

19.07.03 - DRUM CLINIC DAY

Session drummer and world record holder (fastest drummer) Carl Williams will be at J10 running a FREE Drum Clinic on Saturday 19th July. He will be doing three sessions starting at 1.15pm/2.15pm & 3.15pm. Carl is collaborating with J10 over the summer period running short Intensive workshops for drummers wishing to learn Rudiments & Groove techniques also sampling/midi drums& recording Pre/Post production. If you would like to find out more information or would like to book a place, email us here mailto:J10audio@yahoo.co.uk

08.06.03 - AVENUE

Worth checking & fresh out of Coventry, Melodic power-core outfit Avenue has just carved themselves their fist demo at J10. The group intends to embark on venues & events around the UK this summer.


Heavy psychedelic rockers Drachentoter delivered a stomping demo with their swirling blend of smoking guitars, chilled out vibes and ecliptic vocals. Butch Vig (producer of Nirvana Δ Nevermind) is a known friend to the band and he canÕt wait to check it out!


Yes Baz JobsonÕs famous Hammond, which has never been used apart from an Ironing board in his mums kitchen & appeared on T-shirts Baz designed, has now became part of the J10 d≥cor - also sounds awesome. The 1979 classic series has drawbars and fascinating fingers control and looks like it was made yesterday! Jimmy your welcome anytime mate! (Foot pedals included!).

22.06.03 - SPOTLIGHT KID

Spotlight kid delivered an epic 6-track demo over a very hot weekend. Boyee these guys got fire and J10 anticipates a deal on the cards very soon, watch this space! 19.06.03 - THE MIC CHECK WORKSHOP
Lets face it the local and national UK HiPhoP scene is blowing up! COV crew Ôcity of villainsÕ are running MC vocal workshops in partnership with City College. This is the first of many clinics, workshops and one 2 one sessions available to at J10! Check the courses page out here. more>

23.06.03 - COFAS TREE

CoventryÕs Cofas Tree blessed the studio with their fusion of silky vibes. Laying down a couple of songs for their new demo coming out very soon.

30.05.03 - Jonny Mac & Leroy (Prodigy)

DJ/Musician Jonny Mac the man from frequency (Coliseum) has been highly active at J10. ÔBreakstasticÕ Jonny is developing a debut 4 Track EP that he intends to release later in the year. He is at present touring with Leroy from The Prodigy who with great surprise dropped into J10 for a coffee and chat! (Check photos in gallery). Jonny intends to get things going big time in the city and is just doing that!

29.04.03 Endless Knot

Covs very own Celtic/Folk dance collective The Endless Knot have just laced four new songs at J10. Yes theyÕre back on the scene and are kicking serious arse with a new main vocalist, bass player and guitarist. The Knot intends to sell their new material at future gigs, so keep an eye out for them in the gig guides and go check them out!

14.04.03 Carl Williams and David Nuttall

(Jalapeno) Session Drummer Carl Williams and David Nuttall from Jalapeno Drums dropped into J10 to try out the latest Jalapeno Custom Pro Drum Kit, yum (Check photos in gallery). Jalapeno makes handmade custom kits to a very high standard in fact as good as if not better then DW. The Drums shells are extra thick 100% Maple and are designed to increase Projection and dynamic control. www.jalapenodrums.co.uk


J10 are helping out local the local music project attenshun with assistance at thisyears coventry festival (alternative tent) which locals attenshun have been given the responsibility of organising. J10 are also helping attenshun with a new record 'indie' label for the local area tripping the light fantastic. "Everyone at J10 have been superb, especially the man himself Mr Paul Johnson, Pauls experience is has helped us out loads, as we're a bunch of chancers really! Paul will help the local scene and thats all we want to do."

16.04.2003 - J10 IN THE PRESS.
An article was run on the 12th of April where P